Rivara S.A.

Rivara S A

Founded in 1936, RIVARA is a family business that moves by the 4th generation already. Since our beginning, we were related to agriculture and the farmers, providing the necessary services and always aiming to improve the quality and add value to the products. In this direction, we opened a corn mill in 1995, to process the corn we plant and, in 2004, an oil extraction plant, where soybean, sunflower and canola grown in our fields are processed to extract oils and meals of first quality.

In addition to these industries, our company also has a network of Grain Storage Plants, a Seed Nursery for wheat, soybeans and barley.

We also own a Gas Station, in which you can find a modern minishop, in addition to fuels and oils, which covers the needs of travelers.

Today, reaching 80 years old as a company, we are very happy with the development of our company and we hope to continue along a path of development and constant improvement of quality.


Contact - Rivara S.A.

  • Alem & 9 de Julio (6634)  |  Alberti  |  Provincia de Buenos Aires  |  Argentina
  • Telephone: (+54) 2346 472 000  |  Fax: (+54) 2346 470 477
  • Mail: rivara@rivara.com.ar