It was 1936, when two old friends decided to create a company that address the needs of the farmers and neighbors from Alberti, a small town located in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This company was named as its founders, Duhalde and Rivara Co., in a clear message of the commitment assumed with its customers.



Auctions, Commissions, Insurance and Administrations were the branches were these two friends turned their dedication to service.

Years later, Juan Cruz Duhalde decided to emigrate to Buenos Aires to start a new business, leaving the company in charge of Adolfo Rivara and his young son, Rubén Dario.



In the 50s, when Argentina became the breadbasket of the world, Ruben Dario Rivara develops a storage, conditioning & marketing of the grains that local farmers produce in the area, beginning to dabble in different activities pursuit of a goal to offer a range of services that covers the different needs of the country men.
So he joined the company, the sale of fuels, agrochemicals and seeds. Later in the 70's we expanded and updated each storage plants, which allow us to market over 100,000 metric tons per year, and incorporate to our business a fleet of trucks for local freight logistics. In 1987 we suffered the disappearance of our mentor Ruben Dario Rivara, and the youngest of his three sons, Fernando Adolfo, was appointed as the new president of the company, a position he currently occupies.

Motivated by the experience of over 50 years in the grain handling and drawing on the natural advantages that make the Argentinian Pampas the only global provider of hard red maize (Flint), we deicde to open, in 1995, our first industrial project : A DRY CORN MILL, capable of processing 120 metric tons per day.

We also develop connections with different farmers and contractors to plant new fields and integrate vertically our corn milling production.

In the year 2004, we developed our second industrial project, installing a Functional Food Plant, motivated by the current worldwide interest in finding foods that allow a healthy life, most natural. Soybeans, sunflower and canola, among others, are milled, extruded and cold pressed obtaining meals and oils with high nutritional values, and without any use of solvents in the process.


Our company is actively involved in international trade since 1997, we export our products to different destinations such as USA, Denmark, Holland, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Israel and Russia, among others. Accompanying the development in this direction, we participated in the most popular food fairs of our industry around the world.

In a constant effort to improve the quality of our products, we certify our manufacturing processes with the most demanding quality certifications, such as HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices. We are also Organic, Kosher and No-GMO Project certified.

Today, when the fourth generation of the Rivara Family is integrated into the company, we can say that thanks to the work and honesty of our ancestors, in the city of Alberti, a strong company, experienced, with a staff of over 140 people who faces new challenges day by day, incorporates new technologies and brings their best to achieve the main objective of Rivara SA ..
...Total satisfaction of customers.

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