Non-Gmo Corn Mill

More than 20 years ago, in 1992, when we decided to set up a Corn Mill, we rely in two solid basements:

1) We have the best possible raw material for the corn dry milling: the HARD RED CORN, also known as PLATA MAIZE or just FLINT CORN. This particular variety of corn is only cultivated in the argentinean Pampas, due to his excellent conditions of soil and weather.

2) We hold more than 50 years handling grains. We know how to take care of them Since the beginning, our goal was to achieve a product that can clearly distinguish by his quality and healthy traits for the consumers, and for this reason, we decide to use, exclusively, Non-GMO CORN.

The premium quality of the products is the basement from where we built our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which rule the tasks that are carried at the plant. This SOP are certified under the norm of GMP and HACCP. In RIVARA S.A. the vision is always pointing to the excellence of the products and services offered.

We believe that the best possible way to reach this goal is to start from the beginning: the sowing of the grains at the field. Since 1993, previously to the Corn Mill Opening, we have in RIVARA S.A. a traceability system documented for all the grains which has by destination the process in one of our industries. This system documents the development and movements of the grains, allowing us to identify and control the quality of the corn and avoid any contaminating with GM and other undesirables substances.

These controls are based in 2 main aspects:
- Analysis and Selection of the seeds to be sown for raw material.
- Monitoring the development and transport of the grains, to guarantee the Preserved Identity (IP) of every lot of grain.

We deeply believe that quality of the raw material is the fundamental piece to achieve a great final product, and this is the reason why we behave towards the grains with great delicacy. We dry them carefully to avoid cracks and we keep them in material silos with low temperatures, which prevents the use of pesticides to control infestations.

Next step is the grain Milling, which is carried on with the most advanced technology in the Milling industry, necessary to obtain products that clearly excel because of his quality, color and healthy safeness.

Our milling consist in split the husk and germ from the grain, previously sieved and cleaned, and then we mill the vitreous part of the grain to achieve exactly the size desired by the customer.

Our Corn Mill Products can be classified as follows:


Molino de Maiz RIVARA S.A. (2007)

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