Oils & Flours

The food desires of the consumers are related healthy and nutritive paths, converting our society into a healthier and wiser food selection.

In the other hand, the growing world trend in the promotion of healthy foods, less refined, less contaminated but more raw and natural, raise the consumer’s demands and direct them into raw aliments, free from genetic modifications and chemicals. This trend challenges the food industry every day to make safer and healthy products, and converts their methods into a processes where no chemicals or contaminants are used. Along with this, there’s also our care for the world we live in and protection of our plant must be the main priority in the manufacturing of foods.

Based on the previously descripted concepts, RIVARA S.A. has developed new technological processes which use just mechanical ways to extract the oil from the seeds, avoiding any use of solvent in the process.

We base our procedures in the extrusion and press procedures to obtain oil from different oilseeds, where the vegetal and raw qualities remain untouched and, in the other hand, the cakes and meals obtained in this process have a higher nutritional values than the conventional solvent extraction meals.

The process in the Oil Plant is the following:

The extrusion process, which is the first step of the process, allows a treatment with high temperature in a short time which inactivate the anti-nutritional components, growth inhibitors and different factors that alters the digestibility o and taste of soybean and other oilseeds, maintaining untouched his nutritional properties. Besides, with this process method, we obtain products with the right sanitary values and a higher permanence in the storage.

This naturally obtained products retains in the oils, the percentage of fatty acids as omega 3, tocopherols (natural anti-oxidants), vitamin E and sterols. In the meals, we retain intact the amino acids of the proteins.

We process exclusively Organic and non-GMO grains to obtain the following products:

Procesamos exclusivamente granos libres de GMO y/u orgánicos y nuestros productos son:


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