Leases and Associations

The deep changes occurred in argentine agriculture in the last years not only cover the technical field and new production processes, but also made reforms the legal concepts to work on the fields. Thus associations appear "to harvest", instrumented through leases and/or percentages of the production.

Rivara S.A. is active in this sector since the nineties, conforming productive partnerships with many field owners and achieving a positive association for all parties involved in the process.

Maintaining these relationships with field owners for over 20 years is our best introduction. Long term of our relationships and mutual trust have enabled us to consolidate our position as good partners, where we provide knowledge, technology, equipment and logistics to achieve the best results.

Today we have a cultivated extension of 16,000 hectares (40.000 acres), distributed in different areas of the northwest of Buenos Aires province, where we cultivate Corn, Wheat, Soybean, Corn Flint, Popcron, Sunflower, Barley, and Canola.

These lots have the highest standards of quality and preservation of environment, which almost completely satisfy our raw material requirements for our Corn Mill and Oil plant, where we produce flours and Vegetable Oils.

This big growth in grain production brought about a better use of our grain conditioning plants and our fleet of trucks, but mostly, enabled us to achieve vertical integration with our industries, where we can now proudly say that we are involved in the production of meal and oil from seed to be planted until the packing of finished products. This system provides us quality controls and safety products and also allows us to maintain the full traceability in to achieve the Identity Preservation of the final products.

Whole grains generation process is guarded jealously by the team of Agronomists Rivara SA, led by Mr. Fernando Gabriel Rivara, in charge of this area. 

Rivara SA has 4 agronomical engineers teams, which are distributed among different fields, and take care to each one cultivation and crop rotation, among others.

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